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Welcome to Robson Swiss, sensation + perception = reality.

While virtual reality has been around for as long as graphical computing, in 2013 head mount displays entered the consumer space.

Virtual reality is the manipulation of the senses in order for the brain to perceive a reality that does not exist.

We’re dedicated to developing devices that deepens the VR experience.

Complex Devices – Simple Designs.

Head Mounted Display

An immersed experience by definition, is a large field of view(FOV). If the device was to be used for day to day computing, or a virtual cinema, one might elect for a smaller FOV in favor of a sharper and clearer image, however if the object is a highly immersed VR experience, the widest FOV possible is naturally the target.

We’ve made our designs available for free for non-commercial use.

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The Scorpion Rifle Simulator

The Scorpion range of simulation devices are no compromise devices for users that want to take the next step in their virtual reality experiences. With industry leading recoil simulation, comfortable grip and an array of adjustments, the Scorpion Rifle Simulator will allow you to take your first person shooter experience to the next level.

The Scorpion Motion Simulator

The Scorpion Motion Simulator, industry leading performance and versatility. A modular simulation platform with a peak power output of 12KW. Motion platform for VR walkers, motorcycle, F1, rally/GT, or flight simulation, the Scorpion is designed to be modular for adaptation to any scenario. With an intelligent power supply design the simulator is compatible with all residential socket outlets and draws only 500W of power.

The lightweight frame and actuators makes for quick and easy assembly while the powerful motors provide an exceptional experience, feel the rumble strips as you drive over them with unparalleled accuracy.

Make the Scorpion your next and last motion simulation platform.

The Scorpion Linear Actuators

For users building their own simulators struggling to find suitable linear actuators, we supply a range of Scorpion Linear actuators. Designed with motion simulation in mind our actuators are light weight, low drag and utilize efficient BDLC motors.

We offer 2 types of actuators in both a high speed low/medium torque and low speed medium/high torque specifications. The SCR range are ballscrew driven actuators in 250mm/s, 1570N force and 500mm/s, 785N of force options while the BLT range are belt driven actuators in 375mm/s, 1044N of force and 750mm/s, 522N of force options.

To configure your order please go here: Actuator Configuration